Personal rhythmic vibration through divine connectivity and love are the source and engine of abundance

all generations on board for an ecologically intelligent post-cyclone rebuilding project in Mozambique . . . these are the places on earth where money is most needed and yet least desired

They have been telling us for years about “the economy”.

Economic conditions… Economic projections… Economic analysis… Economic wars… The economy is good… The economy is in decline…

Apparently, you and I have no real control over “the economy”. Nevertheless, this thing we cannot control is supposedly a chief determinant of our welfare and our chances of “success”. We can continue working our jobs, making or losing our money, spending or not spending, giving or hoarding, and still “the economy” looms like a big cloud over our whole existence, a cloud that rarely if ever rains on the 99% of us.

Some of us are even so brainwashed that we blame “the economy” for our own shortage of energy, resources and ability to thrive.

What if all of this is deceitful?

What if your own internal resources and rhythm, in connection with planetary and cosmic/universal energy fields, are intelligently designed to be a channel for the creation of your own economy — your personal field of abundance and exchange that is totally immune to the effects of broader economic decline.

The times are begging us to evolve. Each of us must ask our higher Mind, and by ask, I mean pray:

How may I fulfill my purpose on this earth?

in RiverSong co-creation with Keiskamma music academy youth orchestra in Eastern Cape, South Africa . . . enkosi One Shushu Day

We know very well now that in order to change the world we must first allow our selves to be purified from within. Each of you individually is a human being functioning and surviving through a majestically synergistic physical and chemical economy called the body.

Each cell in your body is an energy portal and a crystalline receptor in and of itself. Combined, our trillions of cells contribute harmoniously to form and sustain our body’s existence and experience of oneness, assuming there is breath and absence of dis-ease. This phenomenal harmonic economy called the physical (third-dimensional) body fulfills its highest purpose by serving as the structure inside which the spiritual (fourth-dimensional) soul emerges and grows, assuring the eternal life of your personality and higher mind.

In a world full of toxins, lies, disease, depression and scarcity, it can be a challenge to maintain breath and full health of the body. Many of us don’t even know what it feels like to live a day without sickness. Few of us have ever really experienced the feeling of total and pure bodily health.

If we as individuals are sick, so will our environment be sick. If we as individual beings lack resources, so will our wider economy be impoverished.

volunteers in our barefoot architecture program in Mozambique . . . planetary geometry is a reflection of spiritual-cosmic patterns . . . we can build new villages and co-create a new life!

There is no such thing as “the economy” apart from the resources which exist and regenerate within you and I, individually, on a moment-to-moment level. The magnificent electro-chemical energy required to maintain your body has an infinite Source, and if you consciously acknowledge and access this Source, you can become a co-creator with divinity to manifest reality. Manifestation occurs as you learn how to expand your own field of bodily energy out into the immediate ether, and, like a magnet, draw toward you what you need, while simultaneously supplying to the environment the energy and frequency that is needed out there. Success! Free exchange! That’s exactly what happens every time you breathe. (WONDER! The plant and animal kingdom in perpetual exchange, gloriously feeding off one another’s exhales!)

The way that they — academia, the media, governments, and our collective social constructs — teach us about “the economy” is to conceal its Source and to theorize it as a global system vaguely determined by the complex interplay between commercial industry and national or international government policies. We as individuals remain aloof from “the economy”, yet we are conditioned to react to it and play by its rules. Does that make any practical sense?

When you wake up and finally realize that your own thoughts, habits, prayers, practices and intentions of discipline are the channel for your life’s direction and levels of abundance, you suddenly realize that “the economy” has no real bearing on our lives. Instead, we have direct participation in creating our own economy, one that serves the godly purposes of our lives.

Suddenly, life flows, breath expands. The people we truly need (and not those we don’t) begin to appear in our lives at exactly the right times, and more often than not, these are people to whom we feel a very deep and long connection, as if we have known them for a very long time. We call this cosmic family. Suddenly, the material things we need in order to fulfill our purpose begin to, you guessed it, materialize. We come to see no barter between sacrifice and success, for both are illusions that quickly wither in the searing light of the abundance which is our natural and spiritual heritage.

Within this kind of livity, rigidity gives way to fluidity, to movement, and we recover our great and universal strength characteristics as a species. We are, after all, designed to be highly sensitive and intuitive nomads, beings who can move gracefully and spontaneously upon the earth to meet the deepest needs of our brothers and sisters.

Once we are intimately involved with service — meeting the needs and healing the wounds of our brothers and sisters, and receiving the same abundance and healing from our fellows — we find ourselves lovingly locked into the flow of a vibrant economy that has little to do with socio-political complexities, interest rates or trade policy and everything to do with Spirit, community, honesty, health and co-creation. This is the fruit of Love, and Love is the gravity which holds the physical universes together in a highly organized, relational, and always circular motion.

My internal rhythm and vibration, reflected most audibly through the beat of my own heart, is a godly gift distributed from the branches of the cosmic energy fields, rooted in gravity-love, extending all the way to the circuits and meridians of my own body.

By connecting purely and with gratitude to the spiritual energy within me, I can co-create the abundance of resources necessary to fulfill my purpose on this earth. This is the simple, effortless Way to live in simultaneous and circular service of my higher self, of my brothers and sisters, and of God. And what JOY it is!

Where the river flow, abundance be, so let’s pass it on…

Grow Within And You Shall Not Go Without

your brother,


ps. Don’t you get to thinkin’ that the other side is greener / Find your self, find your peace, find your home / Just time now for something new to grow (from “In Jah Time”)

a musical ecology for the growth of our cosmic and creative family

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