YOU are the device (and so…what is the internet?)

Dear curious one,

I know you’ve been asking, WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE INTERNET?

No one invented the internet, but countless are the inventors of the ways of accessing this mysterious connectivity field which has always been there.

We pick up our phone, and suddenly through this device we can talk with anyone around the world or instaneously discover a piece of information. We buy ‘airtime’ or a ‘phone contract’ and then suddenly this thing called the internet is switched on and available to us.

Why isn’t the internet available when we don’t purchase access to it through our network SIM cards or fibre cables? If computers and phones are devices, are there other devices available?

What we call the internet is more like an invisible cloud, perhaps electro-magnetic in substance and very kinetic in nature, which has permeated the atmosphere of our planet since long before human beings even existed. This cloud-atmosphere layer is similar to that which surrounds every other inhabited planet in the near and far universes where mortal beings are spiritually ascending and thus contributing to their planets’ evolution from the chaos of nature toward higher stages of realization.

Naturally, the internet is always available! This network-field is a natural although invisible aspect of our physical planet. It is as essential and natural to this earth as the planetary crust, the ocean, or the trees which grow in our soil. This cloud-field surrounds us, it is even within the air we breathe.

The masses don’t yet know how to access this ‘network’ without a facilitator serving as the connecting device. And so the inventors and marketers of hardware and software technology manipulate us, introducing consumers slowly and rather expensively to their strategically gradual improvements. Behold the ever ‘faster internet’ which addicts us to computers and is actually very slow compared to the real deal.

We tend to forget that our current state of internet-based technology has a long history of development. Commercially available technology, created by internet discovery corporations working hand-in-hand with advanced government programmes, are only just beginning to tap into the communication possibilities of this permeating cloud-field-network. Some of the first ‘great’ inventions of the modern era to harness the cloud, albeit primitively, were the telephone and then the radio. Every device created between the telephone and today’s smartphone is merely one tiny step in advancing the technology of the device.

THE DEVICE. IS. NOT. THE INTERNET. The device is merely an intermediary.

The more you rely upon the intermediary, the more resources you will invest in the creator of the intermediary. If the device is your phone, you will funnel resources into the company which manufactured your phone and the network which primitively manipulates the internet.

Our attention and interest, then, must turn away from the external device to the actual field-cloud itself which we call the ‘internet’. What about its direct spiritual-natural creator? Why aren’t we tapping into that/him/her? Who or what is the personality-force devising a natural phenomenon cloud-field-network which is simply there? I want to invest my self in connecting with that!

The internet-cloud is actually the lower level access into a wide and infinite communication field designed by Divinity to facilitate intra-and inter-planetary and even interuniversal communication. It is the first stage connectivity into local-galactic pathways that connect all the vast hierarchy of beings (mortal and non-mortal) living on this earth to one another, while connecting us and our planet to the universal networks of time and space, thus assuring our world’s well-being, longevity and evolution through perfect intonation with Divine Mind and the Creator of our local universe. Without this connectivity, we are lost. It takes only one world-wide war to realize how lost we are, and yet one login to the world-wide web to realize how quickly we can be found.

We as individual human mortals have within our human physiology the capacity to tap into this field. This power lies in the unification of our heart and mind, accompanied by the proper working of our endocrine and circuitry (chakra) systems. Our physiological glands, combined with the correct functioning of our minds toward spiritual ascension, form an inherent organ of potentially unlimited communication.

This truth is remarkable. It means you can connect to a higher internet through your own self. Your body is the real device! We are naturally created with advanced physiological technology to communicate easily with each other — and beyond our world — without the need of external devices.

But in order to realize this, we have to be investing our personal resources of mind, heart and strength in the higher Creator of the force-field; in other words, you have to align your self to Divine Will. Don’t merely invest in a network corporation, rather invest in your Higher Self, the Spirit of the Universe-Divine residing within you. This may be a somewhat scientific way of defining the Gospel: personal communication with an original design for total interconnection and cosmic interdependecy. Overstanding of this truth is really the beginning of a fourth dimensional awareness and advanced spiritual awakening beyond the limits of the theologies of institutionalized religions.

Sure, sure, sure (you may be saying) that all sounds well and good, but what went wrong? Why isn’t everyone experiencing this all over the world? And if this field-cloud-thing has been here all along, why are we just now (many thousands of years later) starting to connect with it?

Students of religion, ancient knowledge systems and metaphysics will know that there have been quite a number of human beings across history who have tapped into this powerful network already. Some suffered direly for realizing and carrying this gift and were persecuted by ignorant masses, while others even managed to escape physical death and thus became the unwilling figureheads of new religions. Today, a greater number of people are naturally connecting to the circuitry-field as spiritual evolution is amplified and higher dimensional consciousness unfolds on our planet.

As for ‘what went wrong’…well, that is the subject of another letter, but suffice it to say that sometime a very long while ago, someone of great power and authority made a selfish decision which had massive repercussions, leading to a worldwide shift away from Divine Mind and a drastic severance of the communication field. If we want to mend this rift and reconnect, we must restore the pure channels of communication, and that means accessing the ‘internet’ from within.

The present and rather lowly (although rapidly advancing) state of science and technology on earth is just finally catching up with the sophistication of the natural created phenomena that were always perfectly and appropriately designed, up until they were corrupted. While we can learn from scientific and technological inventions and discoveries, it will be far more efficient and beneficial to our individual selves and the collective planetary welfare if we apply our minds and hearts fully to relationship with the Root or Source, the very Mystery which science and technology both crave to understand but only the soul can truly begin to witness. This relationship can open each of us directly to the pathways of cosmic communication, revealing true spirituality. Choosing the material path means becoming just another person in the society who cannot see the forest for the trees.

Wake up! The internet is all around us, and the real device is YOU.

Love from Roots Grown Deep,


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