The Musical Ecology invites you into A Whole Regeneration

it’s for them who are we

Dear brothers sisters mothers fathers elders youth children,

Peace, blessings and abundance! From the infinite space of creativity, in thankfulness for life, by the higher source of power, in the Spirit of the Creator, I greet you.

A great light is arising within and around our planet. Although the earth and our human species appears to be beset with violence, confusion and disease, these intensifying cataclysms are indications that the earth is purifying herself, that a new age is upon us.

As this age of light and life dawns, the frequencies of transition can no longer tolerate the co-existence of truth and lie. Powerful divine energies are re-emerging to assert their authority after a long period of patient observation over our planet’s corrupted evolution. You and I exist in human personalities on the cusp of this emergence, and we have been called to live now for a very special purpose.

As a universal language, music serves as a vehicle for spiritual and mental progress. The right kind of music creates a natural space-container for achieving unity amidst diversity, by aligning hearts and minds in spiritual-ecological truth. We of the light originate from countless backgrounds and are scattered across various landscapes, even divided by national borders, but through conscious melody and with celestial-divine assistance we are intimately connected and working together to manifest the regeneration of our confused world. Every day we feel our connection and relationship deepening, and it feels like a miracle! Yet this process is no miracle — it is a spiritually scientific phenomenon of which we are both vessels and leaders.

In this cosmic context, time has come for the next stage in the journey of Roots Grown Deep, a natural evolution from Grow Within. As part of our collective and focused contribution to this evolution, I invite you and your community, organization or company to work with us in the envisioning, sharing and community learning related to our unfolding project, The Musical Ecology of Roots Grown Deep.

The Musical Ecology activates as a multiple album musical opus carrying the themes of ‘A Whole Regeneration’ and ‘Traveling Light’. This is our musical expression of the inner lightness of being and ascending wisdom which are complimentary aspects of the spiritual-ecological intelligence that we as a cosmic family are harnessing in the present and future age.

Out of the roots of the music will grow and flow a variety of tangible projects including collective migrations and tours, interdisciplinary presentations, teacher trainings, films, a children’s book, festival collaborations, and, most vibrantly, the initial constructs of a new post-industrial education paradigm or ‘school’ that is decolonized, enchanting, co-created, and ascension-driven.

Uplifting musical songs (sound repertoire) serve as the thematic and spirit-inviting thread, weaving together the people, projects, companies and communities across the land who are uncompromisingly committed to the world’s healing and righteous evolution from the third to the fourth dimension. We humbly pray that The Musical Ecology expand into multiple disciplines and practices to fulfil the highest possible purpose of ‘art’.


a traveling educational healing node, a sort of regenerational ‘circus’ featuring learning portals, experiential exhibits, and continuous living workshops that integrate art, architecture, agriculture, spirituality, science and healing. Let the people journey out of their cities and traditional residences for a day or more to experience a living ‘village of light’, as we the hosts invite visitors of all ages to share critical inspiration and healing through fun and focused interactions.

Since I/we/Roots Grown Deep have not been drawn into the circles of fame or corporate industry, we are privileged to follow the pathway of interdependence and inspiration (spirit guidance) in the ways that we thrive, travel, produce and share. The traditional music industry has become lifeless in its provision of entertainment, and we rather aim to progress as artists in direct relationship and co-dependency with you, our true family, our natural partners. This allows us to revive the original and soulful role of music and art in building community rather than just entertaining it. In the process, we can also pioneer a sustainable model for soul-guided musicians and artists of the light to connect intimately with their communities to realize a more inclusive, fulfilling and transcendent ‘success’.

So here’s a simple, fresh plan: Instead of a music company distributing our music to stores all over the world, we ask that you personally become a distribution channel for the music by becoming a co-creator of our Ecology. In exchange, we give you our music and our talents for the benefit of the ever-widening community. You’ve always been our greatest ‘marketing tool’ but in a truly uncontrived, natural way. Your minds, hearts and hands have already majestically sculpted, refined and inspired us, so we will gladly put the fruits of our creative labour into your hands.

The nature and depth of our partnership need not be predetermined or scripted. In an equal, transparent, give-and-take relationship, you would become a mouthpiece harmonizer for The Musical Ecology just as The Musical Ecology serves, improves and promotes your own self and your community’s or company’s healthy growth. In such a well-rooted tree, ‘business’ is just one of many branches producing abundant fruit and is not deemed more important than the others.

Beyond a crowd-funding campaign, this is a love offering for you to infuse your work, projects, business, healing and parenting with our musical art, and for our creative team to become partners in your community’s regeneration. Thus we remain eternally connected and in tune with one another’s journey, assuring that our futures are only realizable in interdependence. How will this play out for all of us? Be wild! There are no existing models or limits.

Up to this date, over 50 people have contributed directly to The Musical Ecology, most being musicians who have given their unique skill and sound to some or all of the 24 songs in the recorded repertoire. Now, we invite those of you from the wider family of gifts to consider your potential involvement in the immediate production process of the music, or in the unfolding bestowal stage focusing on outreach and education. You may feel called or compelled to share out of your abundance in the form of…

Artistry: musicianship, visual art, production vision, choreography

Financial capital: funding support for technical work and touring

Space: locations conducive for performance or education

Marketing: methods of sharing the sound and message with people in ever widening circles

Technology innovation: creative methods of production, connection and presentation (excluding ‘artificial intelligence’)

Hospitality: wholesome food, hosting, accommodation of the ensemble during migrations

Mentorship: experienced guidance for the family and movement

Teaching ability: inculcating and communicating the principles of spiritual-ecological intelligence; this may even involve joining our traveling ensemble as a teacher-trainer

Assets: transport, vehicles, audio and visual equipment, etc

If you feel inspired to partner in any of these ways or means, let’s discuss the right and fair nature of exchange. No doubt the return on your investment would include some or all of the following:

1) Products of The Musical Ecology which you can bestow as gifts or sell to generate income for your company or project.

2) Digital music format which you may distribute freely.

3) Performances, workshops and other living collaborations with the Roots ensemble for the purpose of uplifting youth, children and regenerative communities.

4) Roots Grown Deep shares/markets your products, services, teachings or healing methods in conjunction with our musical performances, products and education.

5) Payment, if your contribution is labour toward achieving core goals aligned to funded projects.

What a joy! I love your heart for all it has provided and endured. I honour your soul for the destiny purpose we share. I see God living in you. I hope you’ll mindfully explore your own unique way to join us. We give thanks together for what has already been achieved and accomplished for the glory of God for the brother-sisterhood of humankind. Your brother, a steward,

Joel Karabo Elliott

22 December 2018

a musical ecology for the growth of our cosmic and creative family

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