playlist arising: The Musical Ecology

Traveling Light toward A Whole Regeneration

Presenting the first wave of songs released from The Musical Ecology of Roots Grown Deep, a multiple album ensemble project created and channeled for the upliftment of soul-ascending individuals and communities. Our ensemble involves 33 musicians from 11 different countries of origin, as well as a number of beautiful children. Production took place in Inhambane, Mozambique at Studio Bom Dia, as well as in the USA and South Africa.

We give thanks, for we are just members of a family moving on . . .

We are so thankful for your participation, contribution, attentive ear, and open heart! Our work, mission, abundance and music is made to be shared, so be free to PASS IT ON. Perhaps you might even be inspired through this listening journey to join with us in carrying out the work.

Love is light, jKe

a musical ecology for the growth of our cosmic and creative family

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