Introduction to the Amer-Afrikan imagination

Growing Within…from the Limpopo to the Colorado

What happens within your mind when you witness a landscape and yet cannot perceive the difference between another landscape you’ve already experienced? The Earth, Urantia, is suddenly realized, and you accept her as ONE LIVING ORGANISM.

Is the above image from Namibia or Utah?

Alriiiiiiiiight, true, a well-traveled and analytical eye who has witnessed the majesty of both the Namib and the Canyonlands might easily say, definitely, this is Utah! But still, an even more intuitive soul and eye who may never have visited these places may look into the colours and stone and shapes and feel of this image and know that, beyond the geography, there may be no real difference. The earth (Urantia) is a sphere whose core actively explodes, emits and slowly protrudes the same primary substances and possibilities up and out of its crust, to be shaped by the same sea, dusted by the same globally swirling wind currents, and impacted by the same animals and human beings.

And the same can be said of the people inhabiting these places. The Anasazi and the !Nam, the Hopi and the Shangaan, the Diné and the Damaro who live here are not so different from one another, nor are they from the people of European or Asian descent who have settled in these areas and learned to adapt and thrive — to become African and American — slowly becoming one with the environment and quietly, generation after generation, shedding their layers of colonial skin in order to find truth about themselves and our collective journey.

Is the picture below from Limpopo or Arizona? (One element gives it away, can you spot it?)

The Earth doesn’t lie. Urantia is the opening of many doorways. Witness red soil and aloe/agave and prickly pear. Africa or America? Decide not, but give thanks and praise. Those who wish to defend borders, racism, colonialism and industrialism will one day bow to the cosmic-divine fact of our global interconnection by nature via common inheritance. 4x4s will struggle to connect in these spaces of spiritual discovery. Welcome are the dusty foot philosophers, discoverers of true soul and community. A whole new world is within our reach. Blockchains are just pathways into the canyons. Music is a precious vehicle…

#rootsgrowndeep #growwithin #awholeregeneration #growwithin #musical ecology

by JKE (all photography by JKE unless otherwise noted)

a musical ecology for the growth of our cosmic and creative family

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