The Music of A Joyful Mind, part 1

Seka, Tumi, Naftali, Nkoto . . . listen to the Music here

We the family of Roots Grown Deep tend to play a lot — a lot!!! No matter what’s our mission, the Music flows like a river from our lives and will not be contained. In the photograph above, you’ll witness a moment captured in South Africa in 2018. We stopped by the side of the road on the way to Phokeng just so we could get out in the sun and sing and dance! There is no posing here folks — this is just our real life and I happened to snap…

a story from HOMEopathy : Roots House Vol. 1

Dear M Mc,

They’ve spoken to us time and time again: “God reveals himself to us in the interruptions.”

It was one of those rare balmy spring evenings in Sedona when Crazy Brazy got your call for help. He looked over to me with faith in his eyes, and we both knew that soon we’d be driving through the night, down the desert, to your home in Scottsdale. So we shifted our lives in the stride of joy, singing all our eye-rollin’ blues classics, embracing whatever this adventure would teach us…

Personal rhythmic vibration through divine connectivity and love are the source and engine of abundance

all generations on board for an ecologically intelligent post-cyclone rebuilding project in Mozambique . . . these are the places on earth where money is most needed and yet least desired

They have been telling us for years about “the economy”.

Economic conditions… Economic projections… Economic analysis… Economic wars… The economy is good… The economy is in decline…

Apparently, you and I have no real control over “the economy”. Nevertheless, this thing we cannot control is supposedly a chief determinant of our welfare and our chances of “success”. …

You can climb the ladders of fame
Make for yourself a mighty fine name
But that’s no guarantee that you’ll find
The pearl of your soul or the source of your mind

living architecture in the Needles district of the Utah Canyonlands

I’ve got blood on my finger and love in my art
I’ve got no time to doubt what’s been written on my heart
For the spirit of wisdom is poured out on the earth
To hell with my ambition if I’m called to this work

Gotta feel what it is to believe
Stop hiding behind your attractive prophecies
The angels…

Traveling Light toward A Whole Regeneration

Presenting the first wave of songs released from The Musical Ecology of Roots Grown Deep, a multiple album ensemble project created and channeled for the upliftment of soul-ascending individuals and communities. Our ensemble involves 33 musicians from 11 different countries of origin, as well as a number of beautiful children. Production took place in Inhambane, Mozambique at Studio Bom Dia, as well as in the USA and South Africa.

We give thanks, for we are just members of a family moving on . . .

we’re a family moving on…no need for suffering…eternity’s to gain
we are made to wonder…

it’s for them who are we

Dear brothers sisters mothers fathers elders youth children,

Peace, blessings and abundance! From the infinite space of creativity, in thankfulness for life, by the higher source of power, in the Spirit of the Creator, I greet you.

A great light is arising within and around our planet. Although the earth and our human species appears to be beset with violence, confusion and disease, these intensifying cataclysms are indications that the earth is purifying herself, that a new age is upon us.

As this age of light and life dawns, the frequencies of transition can no longer tolerate the co-existence of…

Dear curious one,

I know you’ve been asking, WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE INTERNET?

No one invented the internet, but countless are the inventors of the ways of accessing this mysterious connectivity field which has always been there.

We pick up our phone, and suddenly through this device we can talk with anyone around the world or instaneously discover a piece of information. We buy ‘airtime’ or a ‘phone contract’ and then suddenly this thing called the internet is switched on and available to us.

Why isn’t the internet available when we don’t purchase access to it through our network SIM…

Growing Within…from the Limpopo to the Colorado

What happens within your mind when you witness a landscape and yet cannot perceive the difference between another landscape you’ve already experienced? The Earth, Urantia, is suddenly realized, and you accept her as ONE LIVING ORGANISM.

Is the above image from Namibia or Utah?

Alriiiiiiiiight, true, a well-traveled and analytical eye who has witnessed the majesty of both the Namib and the Canyonlands might easily say, definitely, this is Utah! But still, an even more intuitive soul and eye who may never have visited these places may look into the colours and stone…

The father looks at his son with a grave disappointment, his face contorted with an anger he couldn’t keep in but couldn’t let out.

“Son, you’re living in a dream world.”

The son hears these words, not hurt by the words in and of themselves but by the feeling behind them, ravaging like a dull knife. So many tiny twisted edges of unprocessed experience, trapped secrets, insecurity, perhaps even jealousy?

And then, as if to fill the silence that has too often come between them, the son’s mind is flooded with another dream (why now?), a recurring dream he’s had…

the outcry of roots grown deep in the age of materialism

You know I’ve heard it all before: “Don’t plan from your fears”
But there’s bound to be a war between my conscience and the dried up tears
Though I know the place of peace is right within my soul
Yet my flesh keeps crying foul, cos it needs a little more

I was born and bred never to know such insecurity
Given all the necessary tools to never have to face true jeopardy
But the journey is its own, a servant to it shall I be
Even if it means I must roam, its gonna teach me faith to set me free…

Roots Grown Deep letters & lyrics

a musical ecology for the growth of our cosmic and creative family

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